Constitution Day and Liberty Week in our public schools, an outline of thought

Your Money, Your job , Your Food, Your Children, Your Schools,... all affected by your government

While American children were watching Mighty Mouse cartoons and Telly Tubby soft and nice, others were being trained up differently.
We would be much better off if we had learned about Freedom, Liberty and Truth instead of just entertaining ourselves.
Adults watching soap operas and incessant movies needed to open their eyes to history and eternal truths.

A Short History of the Norman Conquest of England explains the English defended like a tired comfortable 400 year old nation while the Normans had fresh energy of a group only 150 years old. There's a lesson for us.

Rome was defeated after her people became self-indulgent, trusted in hired foreign troops for defence, and allowed their government too much power without the people's scrutiny.
America has hired foreign corporations for much of her needs. Muslim groups guard our sea-ports against bombs while the Chinese manufacture our military electronic components.

Can you see a conflict of interest there? Any similarity to Rome hiring gauls to guard their borders from Gaul?

People have to oversee their government or it runs away to do for itself instead of for the people.
When government takes bribes (lobby money) how can it serve the people. When people are content to do nothing, the government erodes.

Power to Choose by Knowing the Available Choices
People make the best choice available for them that they can see. They only fail to make their best choice when they don't know about it.

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Choices of Government

13 colonies entered into a governmental agreement for their common defense, the protection of life and property.     Picture graph social spending/total budget

What is liberty?       Replace the king with?         Protect property rights

Four things we need to ask God to protect and bless. Our money, our food, our children's schools, our media (communication).

Your money Money Quotes see Lockwood, "Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society that is coming." -- John Dewey, "father of progressive education." -- James E. Lockwood, C.Ht, San Jose, CA

Origin and variations of slavery, serfdom, bondage.
Hint: King-size governments are like King George. How can you have power if a king-size government makes choices for you

Freedom and Slavery, part II

How Austrians voted Hitler into power 1938: told by Kitty Werthman

Dictators take over deceitfully by offering pie in the sky and peace and gov. support for all your dreams.
Do you know what the government is teaching your children through extra materials in school?

Cankered Money How much do you know about the money you use?

Learn how our government framework was designed for keeping our liberty.
Kings and property rights of America


The next three links provide history explaining why so many students and graduates don't know enough of the way things ought to be to understand what's wrong. The pertinent history has been removed from school curriculum. Such as the grievances in our Declaration of Independence.

Who's been changing our schools and what have they done? While parents sat by on the side lines. What is the effect?

More on the changes in America's schools for children

Compare the School Administration from the 1960's to the present bloated system.

Definition of Gov Healthcare: Taking $4 in taxes to give you 50 cents worth of drugs, ie taking your Freedom for Drugs

Slavery doesn't require chains on your hands. It is sufficient to control most of your earnings.
Add up the taxes going to bigger government. 8% Social Security tax + sales tax 8% plus state tax 4% + built in average of 22% federal taxes on gas and other things you buy plus federal income tax 30%

Independents, Democrats, Republicans, people who value their own freedom of choice.

You can make a choice without money, such as which path shall you take;
but if you expect to travel very far on that path
you're going to need some supplies, which takes money;
if the government taxes half your money
and only gives part of it back to you when you make the choice they want,
then that's not freedom. That's serfdom, socialism, communism, or 50% slavery without the chains.

Pursuit of happiness and Rights vs privileges

Audio of Kitty Werthman telling her story about Hitler's promises to Austrians

Feb 2, 2010 Army Lt. Michael Behenna falsely in prison for defending himself against Al Quida operative needs your help

Debt, Health, and Government Kenesian Economics, True Health, and Government

Difference between Christianity and Capitalism and Socialism --- Communism Fundamental Secular Humanist Socialism has grown from communism of Lenin's USSR, the socialists and atheists around the world. It is strongly represented. Ignorance is bliss but not helpful.

What Hitler Knew to change Germany into a socialist state.

to the FLAG
and to the REPUBLIC
for which it STANDS
for ALL.

Short stories to know for liberty at

Ask the American Indian what happens when you have uncontrolled imigration of people who do not embrace of your ways.
And learn the difference between a pure democracy and the form of government given us by our Constitution.


National Black Republicans Frances Rice, Chairman

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Other sites by Larry Rice topical short stories (teachings) helping more people understand

Christian Parents need to understand the attacks against their children by Humanism
Go to and click on the word HUMANISM at top of home page to see a big picture. Scripture gives a story of Satan tempting the first woman to ignore GOD and do her own thing, and she would be sufficient unto herself, as gods.

Crisis in America

America 2009 short notes on a heavy heart. Keeping Liberty. Preserving Liberty to ourselves and to our children's children

School System where we send our children should be guided by parents, not Washington, U.N. dominated department of education
Look at the two pictures of the two different administration buildings.
The tiny pictured one story three room building was in the 1960's when we had about 15,000 students and a five room administration building;
the secondother is after the federal government department of education was formed (unconstitutional)
and is ten times as big in size, staff, overhead and cost; (same number of students)
where the focus is on government compliance more than giving students what they need to learn.

Larry Rice webmaster

A man takes responsibility for his own choices and is free.

A man who blames others for his problems has given "those others" some power over him, and to that extent, he is chained by them and to them.

A man who looks to others for his provision is servant to "others", and they will "provide" for him only so long as he "pleases" them. Another words, he is their slave, not in chains yet, but bound to please those whom he looks to for his provision. Think that sounds harsh. It's just another evidence how true scripture is when we read, Do all things as unto GOD OUR PROVIDER and not as unto men. That means do your daily job as unto God; sure some man might write your paycheck, but you do the job as unto God. And apply the rest of the Bible too, and it'll help you.

Scripture says to do the work and to do it as unto God and not as unto men.

We are called to be pleasing to God, to make His face smile upon us. To him that believes in agreement with God shall no good thing be impossible.

The fear of man, and the attitude of pleasing man are two things leading to a snare.
Within our heart, we are to do all things as unto God and not as unto men. We are to do all we do as unto the glory of God; realizing that ultimately it is our Creator that we must please.

Bring to prayer for understanding the prime problem which is we have given over our foundation, Christ, to psychology of equal rights. We have given legal and governmental power to those who deny Jesus our LORD. Even Jihad is now being defended in the name of "Equal Rights for all in America." America has been redefined to be a land where righteousness and sin are defined by the vote of the majority. This had its roots in Evolution and its first fruits in John Dewey huge change to our school system. See his book Democracy and Education . Notice he accomplished his goal. People no longer refer to the REPUBLIC, but to a democracy. The first had its laws under GOD our Creator. The second, democracy, has its laws under the majority vote where the only standard is the majority vote.
The "Father" of Modern Education and changes he accomplished to transform Americans from seeing themselves as living in a republic under the laws of God to living in a democracy under majority rule.

King David gave equal protection under the law to any stranger who came into Jerusalem, but he did not give equal authority to the stranger's view of truth. The stranger could not move in and expect to change Jerusalem into something else. Jerusalem had a set of laws which were applied equally to anyone. Those laws did not allow for contradiction.

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